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The Crossing Souls

Chryssiida Dimoulidou

Greek-American Cassie Palmer has been living happily in Los Angeles with her husband, a successful plastic surgeon to the stars, until strange dreams come to upset her everyday life. She begins to search deep within her long-forgotten childhood memories and far back to her father’s homeland on the island of Amorgos in Greece, hoping for answers to the strange things that she has been seeing in her sleep.
Cassie will discover two women from the distant past who are looking for her, casting their shadows on her dreams and staking a claim on her life. A sweeping storm of events lashes her present and a tragic past demands vindication.
A haunting romantic thriller that grips you from the very first page ‘till the last…


ISBN: 978-0-9882726-0-6
Category: General Fiction
Number Of Pages: 488
Available: 1st July 2013
Size: 525 kb

Also available on: